If You Need Help

There are a variety of options and resources available if you need guidance going through the foreclosure process.

Prevention Counseling

Housing counselors can help you assess your situation and make realistic and sustainable choices. Counselors work with you to understand your personal situation and determine what you are trying to accomplish. This page will answer questions you may have about housing counselors and provides links to resources.

Working With Your Lender


This page answers questions you may have about working with your lender and provides information and resources about specific loan types.

Tax Forfeiture/Foreclosure

If you cannot pay your taxes, contact the city or county where you reside for more information about your options. This page lists resources for Detroit and Wayne County and resources for free legal assistance and counseling in Michigan.

Legal Assistance

If you are contemplating seeking legal assistance, check this page for questions and resources.


Making Home Affordable Plan

The Obama Administration has introduced a comprehensive Financial Stability Plan to address key problems and get our economy back on track. A critical piece of that effort is Making Home Affordable plan. Read on to find out your eligibility. 


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