Housing & Foreclosure Prevention Counselors

Benefits of Housing & Foreclosure Counselors



Certified housing counselors are waiting to work with your family.

Making an appointment with a counselor is the first step
in taking control of your future.  Counselors will help you look at your situation and make realistic choices. Services are FREE - they are paid through federal funds and there are generally no income requirements.
Counselors work with you and your mortgage company or servicer to find options that may be available. Counselors are trained to help you find resources to increase income or reduce debt.

What can I do to prepare for working with my mortgage company and/or a HUD approved housing counselor?

It would be helpful to have the following information on hand:

  • Your loan account number (found on your monthly mortgage statement).
  • A brief explanation of your circumstances.
  • Recent income documents (such as pay stubs; benefit statements from Social Security, Disability, Unemployment, Retirement, or Public Assistance.  If you are self-employed, have your tax returns or a year-to date Profit and Loss statement available for reference).
  • List of household expenses.

What is the difference between HUD-approved and MSHDA-approved housing Counselors?

HUD approval comes from the federal level, while MSHDA approval comes from the State of Michigan.  Housing Counseling Agencies approved by either HUD or MSHDA are considered credible counseling agencies.



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